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Keynote: Why WordPress: The Competitive Landscape, Risks, and Opportunities

As the most widely adopted tool for online publishing, WordPress serves a bewilderingly broad audience. This is both an amazing achievement and a significant challenge. It’s also a great opportunity for developers to make a difference, both for ourselves and our careers, and for the wider internet.

In his In this talk, Josh Koenig shares his perspective on the future of WordPress. This includes the hotly contested market of personal publishing, the challenges of social media and “fake news,” the requirements to deliver as a true CMS, and the incredible opportunity to be the backbone of a truly open web.

Josh Koenig

Co-founder and Head of Product at Pantheon

Josh Koenig has been building the internet for nearly 20 years. He is the co-founder and head of Product for Pantheon, the website management platform, which is used by thousands of digital agencies to serve their clients. He is also the co-founder of Chapter Three, a successful web agency based in San Francisco, and a long time blogger.


Falls Event Center in Downtown SLC

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