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Carl Alexander

Independent PHP Developer

Heya! I’m Carl.

I’m a PHP developer from Montréal, Canada. I live and breath advanced programming topics (and memes). I share a lot of my passion for those topics on my website where I publish articles on a regular basis.

It’s my way to help you with these hard-to-learn topics. That’s also why I’m excited to speak at LoopConf. It’s another way for me to help you.

Besides that, I’ve been a WordPress Montréal organizer since 2010. I also help organize other WordPress events during the year.

What is software complexity and how can you manage it?

As WordPress developers, we spend a lot of time writing code. We also spend a lot of time maintaining that code. But how often do you go back to it and find out it’s become this tangled web that you almost can’t understand?

This happens to us more often than we care to admit! But do you know how it happened? It’s because you increased the complexity of your code and it became hard to know what it did.

Software complexity isn’t a well-known topic in the WordPress world. That said, a better understanding of it can lead to a noticeable increase in the quality of your code. It makes it less fragile and prone to bugs.

This talk will go over the basics of software complexity and its impact on your code. We’ll also look at concrete steps that you can take to manage it. This will help you write code that’s easier to understand and maintain.

Thursday, February 22nd

3:00 - 3:30

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