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Ashley Kolodziej

Assistant Creative Director, Interactive Design, Boston University

Ashley Kolodziej is an Assistant Creative Director on Boston University’s Interactive Design team, and spends most of her day investigating ways to make theme development, content management and customization within the Boston University WordPress environment easier for both developers and end users. She guides the addition of new features and functionality to Boston University’s custom theme framework and regularly contributes to the design and front-end development of university-wide user interfaces. Ashley is a big believer in education, documentation and her two pet bunnies, Nellie and Peppermint Patty.

Prototyping, reflection, and identity: Unusual applications of the WordPress REST API

In this talk we present case studies of two unusual real-world uses of the WordPress REST API: a rapid prototype which leverages existing course feed data to test the interface of a course scheduling tool, and a compelling editorial story on identity, trauma, oppression, and hope whose design updates with readers’ answers in real time. We’ll explore the unique benefits and challenges of each situation and how the REST API empowered us to face each challenge, from improving usability testing and feedback on a short schedule to appropriately curating and protecting the experience of contributing to and interacting with personal, intimate, and sensitive subjects. You’ll get to see the full thinking and process behind each project so when you go home, you have what you need to inspire your team to create those new and exciting possibilities you’re always hearing about at the end of REST API talks.

Friday, February 23rd

11:00 - 11:30

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