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Next-Generation WordPress

WordPress sucks. We all know it. 74% of people surveyed in the latest Stack Overflow developer survey said they dreaded working with it.

How do we get from where we are now to something that sucks a lot less? Let’s dive into some of the parts of WordPress that suck, and think about plans to dig ourselves out of this mess.

Ryan McCue

Senior WordPress Engineer at Human Made

I'm a lead developer on the WordPress REST API and a guest committer to WordPress core. I also develop the Requests HTTP library for PHP. In what's left of my time, I'm also a Senior Engineer at Human Made, a high-end WordPress agency.


Falls Event Center in Downtown SLC

The most mindful conferences happen in refreshing environments, and Salt Lake City delivers with its iconic mountains, world renown ski season, and beautiful events center.

LoopConf has negotiated a special special room rate at the Little America hotel, making this historic hotel not only a relaxing environment, but also a fantastic value.

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salt-lake-city Not bad, right?