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Put an “S” on it: Moving from HTTP to HTTPS for a Large Publishing Site

The internet is abuzz HTTPS everywhere. Unfortunately, getting there is major undertaking. Join me as I discuss the process of implementing HTTPS by default on wired.com. I will walk through selling the idea internally, preparing the site for HTTPS, and monitoring it after the launch. I will outline an approach for an HTTPS transition that anyone can use.

Zack Tollman

Lead Engineer at Wired

Zack is the Lead Engineer at WIRED. While he's well versed in general web development, WordPress is his bread and butter. He enjoys working on WordPress projects, writing plugins, and helping others learn about and appreciate how incredible the WordPress software is. Additionally, he's interested in performance and security.


Falls Event Center in Downtown SLC

The most mindful conferences happen in refreshing environments, and Salt Lake City delivers with its iconic mountains, world renown ski season, and beautiful events center.

LoopConf has negotiated a special special room rate at the Little America hotel, making this historic hotel not only a relaxing environment, but also a fantastic value.

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salt-lake-city Not bad, right?