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Felix Arntz

WordPress Core Committer

Felix is a WordPress freelancer based in Germany, where he has been implementing client solutions and plugins for several years now. He is a backend developer with a major focus on multisite environments. In addition, he contributes to WordPress core regularly and became a core committer in late 2016. When working on projects, he likes to experiment with the common WordPress APIs and see how far they can be stretched to account for out-of-the-box implementations.

When he is not doing WordPress stuff, he spends his time producing music and playing the piano as well as soccer. He does all of that while drinking a lot of Mountain Dew.

Global Admin – A Deeper Dive into Multinetwork Organization

In a basic multisite setup with only one network, organization is quite straightforward. There is a network administrator to create new sites and manage settings on the network-level. However when transforming a WordPress installation into a setup with multiple networks, for example through the WP Multi Network plugin which is commonly used for that purpose, new complexities arise some of which WordPress out-of-the-box lacks a proper solution. If a network administrator creates sites, who creates networks? How can users be managed per network? Where are global settings and definitions stored that span across multiple networks? And in terms of UI, how should all of this functionality be exposed?

After highlighting benefits and common use-cases of using a multinetwork setup, this talk dives into advanced customization of those environments. It focuses on finding answers to the aforementioned questions, presenting approaches for implementation and providing an insight where WordPress core is heading in that regard.

Friday, February 23rd

2:25 - 2:55

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