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Build your dreams with the WordPress REST API & JavaScript

We launched our first production WP API project back in 2014; both the API itself and our understanding of how best to use it have evolved a lot since then! WordPress is a platform — we can build self-contained applications entirely within WP’s ecosystem.

But the Rest API project makes WordPress viable as a component, as well; something that developers can interact with from other platforms. Through the Rest API, WP can be the editorial interface for a Node.js application; it can be used to create a static site generator by merging WP content with Ghost themes; it can be the data store for a D3-driven visualization application; and it can be whatever we think of next.

I will share our experiences building systems that couple with WordPress, and demonstrate the tools and libraries we’ve built to easily query and write to WP from within external JavaScript applications.

K.Adam White

Open Web Engineer at Bocoup

K. Adam White is an engineer at Bocoup, an Open Web technology company in Boston, Massachusetts, where he writes web applications, contributes to open-source projects, and evangelizes the web as an open platform for technology and collaboration. An artist and enthusiast photographer, K.Adam is also a WordPress core contributor, a co-organizer of the Boston WordPress community, and the author of a Node.js client for the WordPrest REST API.


Falls Event Center in Downtown SLC

The most mindful conferences happen in refreshing environments, and Salt Lake City delivers with its iconic mountains, world renown ski season, and beautiful events center.

LoopConf has negotiated a special special room rate at the Little America hotel, making this historic hotel not only a relaxing environment, but also a fantastic value.

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salt-lake-city Not bad, right?