LoopConf 2.1 – Welcome To Our Home

Ever since Hurricane Matthew ruined our plans in Ft. Lauderdale, we’ve been scrambling to put together a brand new event as quickly as possible. Planning for this event started 15 months before our scheduled October dates, and now we’re trying to plan the same event again in 2 weeks time. It’s definitely been a whirlwind (too soon, probably).

We’ve just completed our new contract for LoopConf and are excited to invite you to our home in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 7th and 8th. Workshops will be held on Monday, February 6th.

I’ll get some logistical things out of the way in the post today, and I’ll follow up in a few days with details about what’s been happening since Hurricane Matthew, and everything that happened leading up to today. I know a lot of you are curious so I’ll do my best to answer a lot of the questions that have been sent my way.

What To Do Now

If you’ve already purchased a ticket, your ticket will automatically be transferred to the SLC event. If this works for you, and you are still planning to attend, do nothing. Your ticket will be there and we will see you in February!

If this event no longer works for you due to a scheduling conflict or for some other reason, please submit an email to info@loopconf.com with subject line “Refund Request”. Refunds will be processed within 48 hours, but please allow up to 7 days for the refund to appear on your statement. REFUNDS MUST BE REQUESTED BY OCTOBER 31st so we can make plans around attendee count.


Because we know some people won’t be able to make it to SLC, and some other people would very much like to come to LoopConf 2.1, we are opening ticket sales again to the general public. We’re hoping to bolster and regain some of what we’ve lost, and we know that won’t be possible without the support of the WordPress community at large.

I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of support when we chose to reschedule the Ft. Lauderdale event.

I’m going to ask that even if you’re not able to make it to the new event, that you share it with people you know and convince them that it’s going to be a unique and fun conference (because it is). Please take a few seconds today and share LoopConf in your slack groups, tweet about it, post it on Facebook, or wherever else you kids are spending time these days.

Tickets are on sale (again) here.


We know there’s a possibility not every speaker listed will be able to attend the SLC event. We’re optimistic that most speakers will be able to make it in February (we’re already starting to make arrangements), but we don’t have final confirmation on that quite yet. There may be a few minor changes to specific speakers, but the overall schedule should remain very close to the same. We’re fully committed to making this event an amazing value.


For those of you who have never been to Salt Lake City, it’s a beautiful city, with great food, great people, and one of the world’s premier ski & snowboard destinations. It’s the place I call home and would love to give all of you a tour of this great town.

There were a number of different reasons we chose Salt Lake City. When we chose to reschedule LoopConf, there was a very large financial impact attached to that. Had we chosen another resort destination, our money would have been committed to the logistics and venue there, and we would have had to scale back on attendee experience.

That wasn’t something we were willing to sacrifice, so we brought the event back home so we could lean on some local connections, and still put on a fantastic event without asking anything else of the attendees or sponsors.



The venue is in one of my favorite Salt Lake City neighborhoods: Sugar House. With lots of unique shops and restaurants nearby, the Falls Event Center is going to be a fantastic venue for LoopConf 2.1. They even have Google Fiber! Go Utah!


Little America Hotel

The official event hotel is a few blocks away at Little America. We’ve negotiated a special room rate of $179 per night with them (down from $229) and it’s a beautiful hotel with fantastic service. One of the best you can find in the Greater Salt Lake area. We plan on having daily ground transportation available to and from the event center from the Little America.

You can book your hotel through our link here. You can only get the special pricing by booking through that link.


Salt Lake City International Airport is Delta Airline’s Western hub, so Delta has daily flights to and from pretty much every major city in the world.

Some other great options to check for traveling to Salt Lake City are Alaska Airlines and JetBlue.

Ground Transportation

Salt Lake City has a light rail system (TRAX) that’s very inexpensive for getting around town. Uber and Lyft are also great options for moving about when you want to get out and explore.

Wrapping UP

As I said before, I truly appreciated the kind words from everyone when we chose to postpone the event. LoopConf 2.1 is going to be every bit the experience we were going to deliver in Ft. Lauderdale, just in a different time and place. I’m really looking forward to sharing my home with you. February can’t come soon enough!